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Welcome to the Union Hospital Career Site!

Thank you for visiting the Union Hospital Career Page.

We pride ourselves in hiring people who strive to live up to the Mission, Vision, and Values of our organization.  When you join the UH Team, you join us in our commitment to provide compassionate, quality healthcare and remain true to our Standards of Behavior

All UH employees understand and adhere to these standards:


We behave in an honest, responsible and ethical manner at all times.


We exhibit kindness and compassion in each and every interaction.


We take ownership of our performance, interaction, decisions, and appearance.


We treat everyone with the utmost regard and courtesy.


We strive to exceed customer expectation.

 Knowing you can make a difference in the lives of patients is the number one benefit of working in the healthcare profession.  If you are interested in working for Union Hospital and are ready to support our mission and values please view our current job openings.

Please note that the position listing at the left only shows our most recent postings.  For a comprehensive list, click the "Employment Listings" tab above and select "Search Current Openings".

If you do not see the specific job you are interested in applying for, you have two options.  One, you may submit your application and it will be kept on file for a period of 12 months; to do this select "Employment Listing", at the bottom of the page you have the option to Submit Your Resume.  

You may also choose to create a job agent and the system will notify you when a position that you have an identified interest in becomes available.

Effective 10/21/2013 we updated our application website.  If you submitted an application prior to this date please resubmit your application/resume for consideration for open positions.

Effective January 1, 2014 Union Hospital will no longer consider candidates who use tobacco products.  This does include electronic cigarettes.  Candidates will be screened post offer and on a random basis. 


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